Freedom to move

When you are immersed in what you do, you want a full range of motion. Urban Star’s stretch technology adds flow, comfort, and versatility to a classic look. Feel free to get busy and do what matters the most to you.

Innovative denim

The science of fabric is always evolving. Urban Star is constantly experimenting with yarn, weaves, sandpaper, processes, washing, and anything we can imagine. Every detail is thought out, tried, and tested to perfectly adapt your jeans to the way you live.

Made to last

We believe in value and we stand behind our quality. You can work hard, play hard and move around in total confidence.

Jeans for

work and play





We have pride in what we do, and we do our work whole-heartedly. We are devoted to our customers and are committed to offering a high quality product, every time.



We love a good challenge and we don’t give up easily. We experiment, try, test, and start over if needed, until we find what we’re looking for.


Attention to detail

We believe the small things make a big difference. We work with care, thoroughness, and accuracy, and it shows in how our jeans look, feel and fit.



We take the steps to chase perfection, and we rigorously adhere to high standards. In our quest for innovation, we leave no stone unturned.



Pursuing new ideas keeps us energized. Our favourite questions are: “how could we make this better?” and “how could we make this work?”

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